Spring is here!

To say the center has been buzzing would be an understatement!!
    The children are busy learning about the life cycles of butterflies and ladybugs. Each classroom has their own live bugs so the children can observe the transformation.The children are also very busy planting and learning about the life cycles of plants. The children get to get their hands dirty as they plant their own grass, flowers, and vegetables and watch the seeds grow into a plant.
       As the weather gets warmer we are able to go outside more and take advantage of what our community has to offer.
The Preschool, Sunflower class recently went on a walk down Main St and ended with a stop at Banko’s Music Store. The children got to learn about the different buildings like Big Y, the Post Office, City Hall, and the banks. The stop at Banko’s was the highlight of their trip, the children got to learn about different instruments and were able to hold and play them too. They also got to listen to a student of Banko’s play the Star Spangled Banner on a saxophone.
Let us hope for more warm weather so we can get out and have some more fun!